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In order to become a working actor you must have determination, patience, education, and confidence. The Studio Group can help you with all these things! The courses offered at The Studios Group are crafted by industry professionals to hone your acting skills. Our team has the combined experience of over 60 years. They have helped coach thousands of talented rising stars and many who just wanted to improve their social skills and start landing those auditions.

Our courses feature:

  • How to act on television / film
  • Mastering your Monologue
  • Voice & Diction training & exercises
  • Improvisation training
  • Image counseling
  • Non-Verbal communication
  • Group Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Public speaking
  • Persuasive Speaking
  • Poise
  • Social Awareness
  • Confidence building
  • Acting for commercials
  • Acting on soap operas and Sitcoms
  • Mastering the cold read
  • Scene Study
  • Preparing for theatrical workshops
  • How to book the audition
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Trainers & Coaches